Frontend development
  1. Professional Typescript (B. Cherny)
  2. Vue.js in action (E. Hanchett, B. Listone)
  3. React. Book of recipes (D. Griffiths)
  4. React. Modern templates for application development (A. Banks, E. Porcello)
Backend development
  1. Java. Persistence API. Hiberante (K. Bauer, G. King, G. Gerogori)
  2. Practice of reactive programming in Spring 5 (O. Dokuka, I. Lozinsky)
  3. Spring securiy in action (L. Spilka)
  4. Spring microservices in action (D. Carnell, I. Sanchez)
Desktop development
  1. JavaFX (N. Pokhorenok)
  2. Modern Java. Programming Recipes (K. Couzen)
Mobile development
  1. Programming for Android (D. Kolisnichenko)
  2. Kotlin programming with examples (I. Adelekan)
  3. Android User Interface Design (Y. Clifton)
  4. Kotlin programming for professionals (D. Skin, D. Greenhal, E. Bailey)
  5. Practical Flutter (F. Zammetti)
  6. Quick start for a Flutter developer (A. Aleev)
  1. Git for the professional programmer (S. Chacon, B. Straub)
  2. Linux bible. Comprehensive guide (K. Negus)
  3. Java 9 Revealed: For Early Adoption and Migration (K. Sharan)
  4. Jenkins 2. Let's get started (B. Laster)
  5. Kubernetes in action (M. Luksha)
  6. NGINX. Recipe book (D. Jonge)
  7. Apache, Kafka. Stream processing and data analysis (N. Narkhid, G. Shapira, T. Palino)
  8. Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and new generation search engines (P. Shukla, Sh. Kumar)
  9. Dart in Action (C. Buckett)
  10. Using Docker (A. Mouat)