1. LotGames - 2024
    A desktop service for digital distribution of computer games. It includes the entire existing catalog of games for purchase and installation on your PC. It also provides additional tools for finding a particular game or groups of games, such as: "Search", "Filters", "Sorting". Each game has its own description, system requirements, price and unique discounts for this product.

  2. Java application launcher - from 2020 to current time

    Status: ready beta

    We want to create a java desktop launcher that will help run java desktop application faster and better. Eat functionality to update your default appwith low traffic consumption and environment checks (memory, correctness of the temp directory, etc.). We have detailed instructions to create installers for Windows, Linux, MacOS, which will allow you to install java, if on the computer does not have it. Allows you to easily change the configs of your server side applications. This solution is created on our 6 years of experience in this area.