1. LotGames - 2024
    LotGames is an online digital distribution service for computer games.
    Technologies: used kubernetes, java 21, virtual threads, spring framework, spring authorization server, spring gate way, spring cloud, sping config, spring data rest, caffeine, gradle, mariadb, elasticsearch.

  2. Service for choosing an address for commerce around the world - from 2023 to current time
    The service checks, corrects and standardizes the data that the user enters around the world. You will be assured that each product delivery address is valid and follows the format of that country. Improve email delivery with real-time email address verification. This reduces returns due to incorrect addresses, prevents fraud and is GDPR compliant.
    Technologies: used digitalocean kubernetes, spring framework, spring cloud, sping config, mvn, redis, postgres, prometheus, grafana.

  3. Backend development: backend 1 proxy for the operator, backend 2 on the drone - 2023
    Data collection: (video, audio, sound, GPS) using back 2 and output to back 1. Back 1 is connected to an operator who can see in real time,drone data. Back 2 must capture this data so that it is available to the operator. Also, back 1 should work offline, without back 2. Technologies used: java 21, spring framework, spring webflux, javacv-platform, jaffree.

  4. Service aggregator of freelance exchanges using microservice architecture - 2023 to 2024
    Creation of an aggregator service for online orders from freelance exchanges. Team size: java developer, java developer, tester, front developer. Technologies: java 17, Spring Cloud, elk, keycloak, webflux, react js, docker, maven. Additional description article on Habr.

  5. Highly loaded service for returning player profiles for games - 2021
    Used to send game data for the game. The peculiarity of the project is the ability to simultaneously hold a large load from players. Also smooth out load surges Which should not lead to service failure. Also connect with additional services that may not respond.

  6. Automation of machine translations from Google - 2020
    It was necessary to translate the content of the html page into many languages, the difficulty was to extract the text from the page and save the layout.

  7. Creating a cluster for data storage based on GlusterFS - 2020
    It was necessary to build storage for files with horizontal scaling, while reducing the load due to clodflare cache. As a result, the current system holds a load of 3 gigabytes per second andcan increase the load by adding more servers to increase throughput. In this project, we finalized our solution on top of gluster, since we still have an intermediary in the form of a cachecloudflare. In the figure below, this service is called File resolver backend.

  8. Receiving data via cloudflare - 2019
    Creating a proxy service that can receive page content or some data, such as json, which is protected using a cloudflare proxy

  9. Image compressor - 2017
    It is necessary to compress the pictures that users send to generate game content on our website,at the same time, the quality should differ little; as a result, the picture was compressed by 70-90 percent. At the same time, the quality was at a good level.

  10. Collection and analysis of logs from desktop applications - 2016
    Development of a service for collecting and storing temporary logs, as well as analysis at the request of the administrator to obtain information on errors by type. Implementation of clearing old logs and data size restrictions.