1. Service aggregator using microservice architecture
    Creation of an aggregator service for online orders from freelance exchanges. Team size: java developer, java developer, tester, front-end developer Technologies: java 17, Spring Cloud, elk, keycloak, webflux, react js, docker, maven. We started the project on 09/01/2022-current.

  2. Highly loaded backend service
    Used to send game data for the game. The peculiarity of the project is to carry out the maximum load on the application, which it can hold on 1,2,4 cores. Associate with additional services.

  3. Google Machine Translation Automation
    It was necessary to translate the content of the html page into many languages, the difficulty was to extract the text from the page and save the layout

  4. Create a data storage cluster based on GlusterFS
    Required was to build storage for files with horizontal scaling, while reducing the load due to clodflare cache. As a result, the current system normally holds the load 1 gigabyte per second.

  5. Get data via cloudflare and using it
    create a service proxy that can receive the content of the page that is closed behind the cloudflare proxy

  6. Compressor pictures that can do this in large volume
    Need to compress images sent to users for the formation of game content on the site, with this quality should not differ much, as a result the picture was compressed by 70-90 percent.

  7. Inspection of logs from the desktop application
    Development of a service for analyzing logs by error type. So as there was a great variety of them.