1. LotGames - 2024
    The game service administrator panel allows you to add content in different languages. Upload media files. And check changes on the preview page.
    Technologies: TypeScript, React, Ant Design, Vite.

  2. Development of a demo shop to demonstrate the capabilities of the service for entering an address and checking the address - from 2023 to 2024
    The semi-finished magento and vuestorefront solution has been modified. Added functionality for entering different forms of addresses into the store.
    Technologies: magento, vuestorefront, vue.js, docker.

  3. Creation of a site content site for modification of Minecraft games - 2021-2023
    A website was created with the ability to fill content from ordinary users, moderation and with complex logic, development of a comment and notification system.

  4. Service aggregator of freelance exchanges using microservice architecture - 2023 to 2024
    Creation of an aggregator service for online orders from freelance exchanges. Team size: java developer, java developer, tester, front developer. Technologies: java 17, Spring Cloud, elk, keycloak, webflux, react js, docker, maven. Additional description article on Habr.

  5. Current sites we implemented yourself - 2021
    Site of our company.

  6. Web service and client to automation in crypto currency - 2021
    Cryptocurrency mining automation service at the best rate with automatic selection and profit transfer(project in archive).