How to get the signature of an individual developer to sign applications for citizens of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

The article was written from memory after a year since I received the certificate, some points may not be accurate.I chose komodo as the cheapest one was for 2021 summer.

1)We pay.

2) They send you their questionnaire in English, then I translate it and fill it out myself.

3) I am looking for a notary who will be a witness that you sign it and that you are you, while they do not check the data, this is normal. You also need a copy of your passport and registration. After they write their resolution on the back.

4) Next, we are looking for a translator from notaries, I give them a form in English to only translate your data that you entered into the Russian version and fill out the English version of the document. Also a copy of the documents

5) Then again to the notary, who will certify the translated documents. I had several pages(certified form, documents)

6)Next, we send these documents for validation (Russian and English versions)

7) After that, they will still ask for a photo of your passport and a photo of you with a passport

And when the verification is passed, you can get the developer key. It took me over a month, but it can be done in a couple of days.Then I sent them a public key (I don’t remember exactly, it seems that only you have a private key) and in return I downloaded a certificate.

Now you have a certificate, I called it CollectCCC. You can sign your exe application as follows (for ubuntu):

1)openssl pkcs7 -inform der -in CollectCCC -print_certs -out CollectCCC.pem - create a pem file

2)openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey PRIVATEKEY.key -in CollectCCC.pem - next ptf

3)osslsigncode sign -certs CollectCCC.pem -key PRIVATEKEY.key -n "CEMclient" -i -in /home/robert/Desktop/CEMClientInstaller.exe -out /home/robert/ Desktop/CEMClientInstaller-sign.exe and the signature